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The Consumer of the Farm products like Millets (बाजरा ) are very much concerned about the pesticides being used in the crops by the farmers. The growing population of doctors are further adding the fuels in this concern. The Urban Middle Class is therefore searching for the organic foods in the Local Market. However the confidence that the product is 100 % organic is still missing. Consumers have doubts that they are paying for the organic products and in return getting normal products. 

However a new Kind of relationship between farmers and end consumers is now emerging out thanks to the NGOs like Deccan Development Society. 

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What are the key points of this Beyond Organic Movement ? 

1. Movement is limited to the Areas around Hyderabad as of now. 

2. Around 100 Consumers are participating in the movement Currently. 

3. Participants are asked to invest around 12500 to 25000 Rs beforehand in the farms of the concerned farmers. 

4. Farmers will give them a List of around 30 Farm Products to choose from as per choice. 

5. Farmers will give the products to the end consumers in proportion of respective investment of the consumer. 

6. In this way farmers get an interest free sum for farming and consumers get the product directly from them. Hence model is a win win situation for all. 

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